Add Mass to Your Arms Fast

Ask any bodybuilder or any physique athlete for that matter, whether they desire to have big arms. 95% of the time, the response will be yes. Everyone wants to have big sleeve-stretching arms that are the envy of their colleagues.

While it is possible to gain massive bicep and triceps size in a short time, many people go at it the wrong way. In the end, they become frustrated, worn out, and in some cases, burnt out. We are going to give you five pointers that will set you on the right track and get you the results you want in no time. But you need to have a holistic approach. Otherwise, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

1. Aim at increasing your overall body size first: This is where the holistic approach comes into play. It is, therefore, the most important consideration you can make because it will help you set practical goals. To be able to make reasonable size gains in your arm muscles, you will first need to increase your overall body size. This means that you need to eat more and exercise your whole body, and not only your arms. But eating more does not mean gobbling up everything in your path, you should eat healthily. Assume that you are preparing for a contest and eat accordingly. You will not go wrong.

2. Use exhaustive exercise techniques: The surest way of increasing the size of your arms is by exhausting them completely. By doing this, you force your muscles to respond by growing bigger and stronger so that they can manage the extra load. However, many people do this the wrong way by incorporating these exhaustive exercises into all their workouts. This is the fastest road to failure, and you should never attempt it. Instead, interchange heavy workout days with lighter workout days, possibly with rest days in between as we will explain shortly. Explosive workout movement and lower reps should be done on heavy days, and slow movement should be done on light days.

3. Give your arms time to rest: Muscles grow when rested. To gain desired results, it is vital that you give yourself enough time to rest. The best approach would be to alternate heavy workout days and lighter workout days as explained above, with rest days in between. This means that if Monday is a heavy workout day, Tuesday will be a rest day, Wednesday a light workout day, Thursday a rest day, and Friday a heavy workout day. This way, you will have only two heavy workout days a week and enough resting days in between to ensure maximum muscle recovery and growth.

4. Exercise for a short period: Do not be overzealous. Doing these exercises for extended periods of time will only have two possible outcomes: you will plateau, or burn out. This is definitely not what you would want. Therefore, plan for a maximum of 20 days of exercise and plan out your schedule so that you get the maximum gains within this time. After this time, your body will get accustomed to your routine and stop gaining as much as it should, or in the worst case scenario, burn out.

5. Supplement: In a way, this ties in with the first point of increasing your overall body size. To gain maximum gains as fast as possible, you may need to supplement. If you are doing this for yourself and are not participating in any competition where the use of performance enhancing substances is forbidden, then you could consider supplementing with some steroids. They will get you where you want to be faster.

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